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Parrot Creek 
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2024 Board

Adrian Tippens
President / Welcoming Committee

  • Preside at all meetings of BOD
  • See that orders and resolutions of the Board are carried out
  • Sign all leases, mortgages, deeds and other written instruments
  • Co-sign all checks and promissory notes
  • Advise, support and fill Board positions when needed
  • Check HOA e-mail and respond to questions and requests
  • Draft quarterly newsletter
  • Support HOA with any legal issues/outside counsel
  • Ensure insurance coverage for Parrot Creek
  • Maintain key to P.O. Box and coordinate with Treasurer
  • Manage gate directory with vendor software and distribute decals
  • Provide an introduction to the neighborhood for new neighbors shortly after move-in and deliver welcome packages
  • Upload any HOA documents to Google Drive

Doug Dickson
Vice President / Grounds

  • Act in place and stead of President in the event of absence, inability or refusal to act
  • Exercise and Discharge such other duties as may be required of him/her by the Board
  • Periodically inspect grounds and common areas and seek bids for any repairs or maintenance
  • Contact and oversee vendors for issues related to HOA Entrance Gate, Landscaping and Irrigation systems
  • Upload any HOA documents to Google Drive

Kimberly Shelton
Secretary / Social Events

  • Keep minutes of all meetings and proceedings of the Board
  • Serve notice of meetings of the Board and members
  • Chair Social Committee with community volunteers
  • Upload any HOA documents to Google Drive

Julie Rogers

  • Receive and deposit monies, collect dues and voluntary monies for social fund
  • Maintain Bank Accounts: Checking, Reserves and Social Fund plus Venmo or Zelle  accounts for dues and social fund.
  • Collect Capital Contribution funds and confirm accuracy (deposit to Reserves)
  • Sign checks and promissory notes of Association
  • Manage bills for all vendors
  • Provide monthly expenditure report to BOD of reserve and operating accounts
  • File taxes
  • Cause an annual audit of books to be made by public accountant
  • Prepare annual budget
  • Maintain key to P.O. Box and coordinate with Treasurer
  • Maintain QuickBooks software and use it to send invoices and notices.
  • Upload any HOA documents to Google Drive

Jenna Wilson
Architectural Review Board / Committee Chair

  • Receive and transmit all submittals to the ARC - Quick links to documents (tree removal, solar panel, and general requests) are on the Home Page
  • Update and revise documents as needed for clarity and efficiency
  • Request additional information, ask follow-up questions and provide BOD decision to members on ARC submittals
  • Maintain record of all approvals and submittals to ARC
  • Develop committee to assist with tasks including in-person review of requests
  • Upload any HOA documents to Google Drive

Shoshanna Richek
IT Specialist / Ponds / HOA Directory

  • Maintain and update PCHOA website, including meeting minutes, event calendar, directory information, governing documents
  • Assist with email distribution
  • Keep appropriate current records showing the members of the Association together with their addresses
  • Maintain neighborhood directory
  • Periodically inspect PCW/WTR and Duck Hawk Retreat Ponds
  • Seek bids for concerns related to ponds
  • Contact and oversee vendors for issues related to ponds
  • Upload HOA documents to Google Drive


Parrot Creek Home Owners Association, Charleston, SC 29412

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